Spring Break Part 3: Barcelona


“Barcelona, I still long to hold her once more…”

^OK, these lyrics have never been more accurate.

Barcelona was everything I imagined it would be.  Let’s just say, this long weekend took a few years off my life.

This city is beautiful: beaches, palm trees, sunsets, history, cathedrals, art, mosaic, and architecture.  But apart from the city itself, the company was the best part.  After being away from Pittsburgh friends, a reunion was much needed.  We picked up right where we left off, but in a new country on a new continent.  We came from Florence, London, Seville, Madrid, and Pittsburgh.  If I do say so myself, we threw @Frank the best 21st birthday you could ever imagine – who needs horns from Peter’s in South Oakland when you can rage in Barcelona until 5 am?



The days consisted of sightseeing.  We explored beautiful parks, famous buildings and cathedrals.  Barcelona was so much bigger than I expected; after traveling for a week already, my legs were near giving up.  But the breathtaking sights made up for the sweat and tears I pushed through to see it all in a few short days.

In order to survive through the days, I ate well.  If there’s one thing I’ll miss most about Spain, besides the memories made with friends, it’s TAPAS.  Tapas were made for me.  Why have one thing to eat when you can have a taste of everything?  Croquettes, I will miss you dearly.  Every dinner Frank and I went out for consisted of some delicious assortment of tapas – even when we tried to get entrees for his birthday, we accidentally ended up at a restaurant with only tapas.  We weren’t mad.

Side note: it’s true what you hear about Brunch and Cake.  If you find yourself in Barcelona, please take the time to wait in line for this delicious brunch.  It’s just as tasty as it is beautiful.  Healthy has never been so satisfying.

Brunch and Cake by the sea

After experiencing Barcelona night life firsthand, it was a pleasant change of pace to sit down for a Barcelona vs. Celta Vigo soccer game on Saturday night.  Getting to a soccer game was on my list of things to do in Europe; it was exciting to see arguably the best team in the world dominate 5-0.  I’ve always loved watching soccer, but it’s even more exciting to watch in a stadium filled with thousands of people surrounded by your friends.


And to end this beautiful spring break, after the soccer game, a few of us headed to the beach where we laid under the stars and reminisced for hours.  There is nothing like laying on the beach with best friends, good music, and the waves crashing around you.  I couldn’t have asked for a better, more relaxing way to finish a hectic 10 days of travel, fun, and excitement.

Barcelona, I hope to return one day.  But there’s tough competition to beat with the weekend I already experienced.

Thank you France, Portugal and Spain, new and old friends, for providing me with memories that will last a lifetime.  There is no better way I possibly could’ve spent my time off from school (yes – I go to school… I promise to write about my classes and experiences in Florence soon).

Ciao for now!





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